INCSIDA-IP registered 1582 people infected with HIV AIDS in Timor – Leste

INCSIDA-IP registered 1582  people infected with HIV AIDS in Timor – Leste

(Photo Tatoli/Camilo de Sousa)

DILI, 08 july 2022 (TATOLI)-Executive President of the National Institute of Combating the HIV/AIDS, Atanasio de Jesus, informed that the number of people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) continues to increase in Timor – Leste.

“So far, INCIDA-IP has registered from March 2002-2022, 1,582 patients affected by HIV-AIDS, 268 of them died, 814 taking the Anti-Retroviral Virus (ARV) treatment and nearly 500 people dropped out, while 47 are children with HIV-AIDS,” said the Executive President of INCSIDA-IP, Atanasio de Jesus, when interviewed by TATOLI at his office, Pantai Kelapa, Dili, Friday.

He said the cause of infection continues to increase because many adolescents and adults engage in sexual activities for self-satisfaction, and evidently, the data identified by INCSIDA-IP shows that 28% of those infected with HIV-AIDS are mostly children aged 14-24 years, and 65% of adults aged 25-45 years.

To increase the knowledge of the people of Timor Leste, about the dangers of this deadly disease, INCSIDA – IP conducted socialization in every municipality and in every school to share information about the negative impact of HIV/AIDS to raise awareness of the community about HIV/AIDS.

“We always conduct socialization every week in schools and also hold HIV-AIDS prevention campaigns through local governments in 14 municipalities by conducting outreach, dissemination, and distribution of brochures about the dangers of the disease, but until now the number of the infection continues to increase from year to year because there are still many people who ignore and do not have awareness of HIV-AIDS,” he said.

However, INCSIDA-IP will continue to make efforts to carry out socialization among the community and schools to increase human awareness.

“Sex is a biological need between partners to avoid disease, but those who wish to have sexual intercourse must use contraception or protection to avoid disease, because there is no effective HIV drug, and regret will always come after it”

In this regard, INCSIDA urges all entities to cooperate and contribute to fighting HIV-AIDS in the country for the welfare of the people and the country.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks cells that help the body fight infection, making a person more susceptible to infections and other diseases. It is spread through contact with certain bodily fluids of a person with HIV, most often during unprotected sex (unprotected sex or HIV drugs to prevent or treat HIV), or through sharing injecting drug equipment. If left untreated, HIV can cause AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).


Journalist: Camilo de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B


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