UNDP offers 2.700 USD to EEIC to provide environmental training to 45 EEIC team

UNDP offers 2.700 USD to EEIC to provide environmental training to 45 EEIC team

DILI, 11 july 2022 (TATOLI)- The United National Development Program (UNDP) is offering USD 2,700 to the Center for Environmental Education and Information (EEIC) to provide training for 45 EEIC  members aimed at protecting the environment.

“EEIC focuses on providing environmental training to the 45 environmental members or the younger generation who are considered agents of environmental transformation to protect the environment and contribute to sustainable development,” EEIC Director Amenica Maschado Fernandes told TATOLI in Acait this Monday.

Fernandes said the training mainly focused on environmental protection, the impact of Climate Change, biodiversity, climate change adaptation and mitigation, soil and water conservation, and the legal framework or environmental legislation.

According to Fernandes, it is important for Timorese youth to know about the environmental legal framework, to do work under the law: “The training also focuses on environmental law because it is important and as a basis for them to do work based on the legal framework,”

At one point, Fernandes admitted that with a limited budget, they could not extend the capacity building to many young Timorese.

“This is the main challenge facing the EEIC,” She said.

Despite these challenges, many outputs have been achieved, through the creation of several activities that contribute to environmental preservation including the green school program, among others.

“The green school program will be expanded to several schools in the country,”

Flaviana Da Costa, a member of the EEIC environmental team who also attended the training, said that this training was important to share information about environmental issues, therefore it was important to expand the EEIC program.

“I became a member of the environmental brigade in 2020 and took action for environmental protection and have contributed to various activities which consist of recycling plastic waste, building a peace park around the beach at coconut beach, BJ Habibie park, and planting trees in other places, thus I expect to get more experience on how to preserve and protect the environment to contribute to climate change mitigation,” She said.

According to Fernandes, this training program was funded by UNDP worth USD 2,700 for five days from 11 to 15 July 2022.

Meanwhile, in the 2022 General State Budget, the SSE allocates more than 20,000 USD to provide capacity building on environmental protection.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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