UNFPA study reveals that 19% of young people are in early marriage

UNFPA study reveals that 19% of young people are in early marriage


DILI, august 12, 2022 (TATOLI) – A study by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has published survey results revealing that 19% of young people between 20 and 24 years of age, were married before reaching adulthood and 24% of them became a mother before the age of 20.

According to research, young women are twice as likely to die in childbirth as adult women.

Veronica Neno, a young Timorese who attended the training on Healthy Relationships, cites several reasons behind the situation in this issue. 

According to Neno lack of adequate support and guidance, exposure to unhealthy relationships, whether through access to pornography or drugs, and trust in misinformation from social networks, lead to early marriage and pregnancy.

Among these causes, the young woman considers that one of the biggest challenges of her generation is knowing how to filter information sent on the internet. 

“These are the main issues of concern and impact on the future of the country and society”, Veronica Neno highlighted in her statement released within the scope of International Youth Day.

According to Neno, in a country where young people form families early, but without sufficient savings to sustain the family economy, “the lives of young people and the future of the country and society will be affected”.

Meanwhile, the former president of the Timor-Leste Youth Parliament, Lizerio Dias, stressed that it is important to engage youth leaders to address the challenges facing the youth and enable them to be part of the solution by suggesting to the Government and authorities to provide an opportunity to develop their skills to engage youth and allow them to study.

In Timor-Leste, UNFPA is working with the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport to provide training on sex education, with a particular focus on issues related to healthy relationships and early marriage.

International Youth Day is celebrating every August 12, with this year’s theme “Intergenerational Solidarity”Creating a World for All Agesto amplify the message that action is needed across all generations to achieve the SDGs and leave no one behind.

The 2022 International Youth Day will also raise awareness on certain barriers to intergenerational solidarity, notably ageism, which impacts young and old persons while having detrimental effects on society as a whole. 

This theme builds on the momentum from two side events organized by UNDESA and partners earlier this year on 1) ageism in health and employment and 2) ageism in politics on the margins of the 60th Commission for Social Development and the 11th edition of the ECOSOC Youth Forum, respectively. 


Journalist: José de Sa

Editor: Nelia B


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