General Perkasa: “We need to promote peace and thrive together”

General Perkasa: “We need to promote peace and thrive together”

the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army, Andika Perkasa (Photo Tatoli/Francisco Sony)

DILI, 20 august 2022 (TATOLI) – Andika Perkasa, the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army said the military leaders perform an essential role in all peace-building.

“It must be the responsibility of all military leaders not only in Indonesia, and Timor-Leste but throughout the world to promote peace,” Perkasa made the comments during his visit to the Indonesian Cemetery of Heroes in Dili, today.

He said that Timor-Leste and Indonesia must unite, as the two countries now have common enemies, which are poverty and backwardness.

“Visiting the Heroes’ Cemetery reminds us to pursue peace. In fact, all this reminds us that we must propose peace, as we no longer want to be anyone’s victim if we can coexist, grow and move forward together. This is what we must do in the future. We must unite because our adversaries are now poverty and backwardness.” Perkasa said.

He stressed that the involvement of the military in the national development process is important to ensure the well-being of the population by contributing to the development of the health sectors, agriculture, etc.

Perkasa concluded that in terms of military cooperation, F-FDTL, and the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) must build a close relationship.

General Perkasa was invited as a special guest to the commemoration of the F-FDTL’s 47th anniversary. He arrived in Dili on friday (19/08).

Perkasa and his team are set to fly back to Indonesia at 5.15 pm local time after the celebration of the F-FDTL’s day.


Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Nelia Borges


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