SoSYS releases 72 YP members to share knowledge with young people in two municipalities  

SoSYS releases 72 YP members to share knowledge with young people in two municipalities  

Photo Tatoli/Cidalia Fatima

DILI, 29 august 2022 (TATOLI)—The State Secretariat for Youth and Sports (SEJD) has supported 72 members of the Youth Parliament for a study tour in the municipality to increase the sensitivity of young people to find solutions to the problems and to see for themselves the realities of life in the local community.

The Secretary of State of the SEJD, Abrão Naikosiku Saldanha, this Monday morning released the 72 members of the Youth Parliament from the fourth term of 2019 – 2022 to make study visits to the two municipalities of Ermera and Aileu for one week.

“This study tour to develop your sensitivity to the realities that happened around the community,” said Abrão.

He said, SEJC has decided on Atauro as the place for the study tour, however, the plan was changed due to problems with transportation and weather.

According to Nokosiku, the presence of the members of the Youth Parliament will have a positive impact on others to form their dreams.

“I am waiting for the report. You guys, go now to give positive energy to the other young people there,” he pleaded.

This year, SEJD provided $40,000 to the Youth Parliament to complete various activities such as seminars, outreach, and including the recent study visit process.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of the Youth Parliament for the 4th term, Andre José Manuel Sarmento Paulo, said there are 132 members of the Youth Parliament. However, only 72 members participated in the study visit.

“We will bring five thematic areas on our visit. The five fields are Education, Health, Violence and Crime, Community Participation and Employment,” he said.

The activity was divided into two municipalities into four different places. The municipality of Ermera will be conducted in Urahou and Estado. Meanwhile, in Aileu it will be held in Remexio and Liquidoe. Where for each place will be placed 18 members of the Youth Parliament.

The Youth Parliament is a collection of young people who have a high level of curiosity about the political system in the country. For this reason, the Youth Parliament was formed through several programs including educating high school students (SMA) and other young people in the organization.

Youth Parliament is a political education activity in introduces the basic principles of democracy and parliament to the younger generation.



Journalist: Jose De Sa

Editor: Nelia B


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