IPU and PN discuss the importance of Human Resource training

IPU and PN discuss the importance of Human Resource training


DILI, 04 october 2022 (TATOLI)– The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the National Parliament of Timor-Leste, discussed the importance of Human Resources training and the involvement of the National Parliament in inter-parliamentary congresses.

The discussion was held between the President of the IPU, Duarte Pacheco with the President of the Timor-Leste National Parliament, Aniceto Guterres, and the leader of each political party in the parliament.

At the meeting, the President of the IPU, Duarte Pacheco said, IPU seeks to strengthen the cooperation ties with the National Parliament of Timor Leste in the future.

“Today’s visit to the PN is to hold a meeting with the President of the TL-PN and the chairman of each political party in the Parliament, to strengthen the cooperative relationship between the IPU and the PN,” said Duarte Pacheco at the plenary session.

Pacheco added that the meeting focused on two important issues: “IPU supports Timor-Leste in the training for Human Resources and the principle of legal techniques for the staff of parliament and the member of the Parliament in January next year,” he explained.

According to Pacheco, IPU is available to offer the training, saying that IPU has experience in managing the information for 170 parliaments in the world.

Regarding Parliament’s Involvement in the Inter-Regional Conference, he said: “For me, there is an initiative from the IPU with a regional character that is not only designed for the parliament in Timor-Leste but all Parliaments in the Asia Pacific Region, this is to invite them to exchange experiences on common issues including climate change, exploration of child labor, and gender-based violence,”

IPU can await a decision from the PN to implement this program after the election.

Meanwhile, the President of the Parliament, Aniceto Guterres, said it was an honor to welcome the visit of the IPU leader to the PN.

“Hopefully the support of IPU and the Republic Assembly to our institutions for these 20 decades will continue to work together and strengthen ties of cooperation for the formation of the National Parliament and the truth value of the IPU,”

Monteiro congratulated the President of the IPU for the great work IPU has done.



Journalist : Nelson de Sousa

Editor : Rita Almeida

Translation: Camilo de Sousa


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