Over 75 Timorese scholarships will take Bachelors’s and Masters’s degrees in Brazil and Portugal

Over 75 Timorese scholarships will take Bachelors’s and Masters’s degrees in Brazil and Portugal

DILI, 21 november 2022 (TATOLI)— The Timor-Leste Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) together with the Embassies of Brazil and Portugal agreed to send 75 Timor-Leste scholarships to take Bachelor’s and Masters’s degrees in both countries.

HRDF Executive Director, Cristóvão dos Reis explained, 75 people will be divided between the two countries consisting of Portugal 63 people and Brazil 12 people.

“This scholarship is fully attended by young people who take a special test which we categorize as an on-merit scholarship. The total is 30 people and 45 lecturers from private institutions and universities in Timor-Leste,” said Reis in Delta Nova, Monday.

Reis explained that the budget prepared by the Government through FDCH to support the scholarship was $777,000. Scholarship recipients are notified that they will be leaving for Portugal and Brazil in groups from the end of November to December.

Aderito Nelson dos Reis da Costa Pinto, one of the scholarship recipients for Portugal said, although the recruitment process was slow, he said he was happy and would try to improve his performance.

“I took undergraduate studies in the field of Urban and Regional Planning to be precise at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa Portugal,” he said.

The Portuguese Ambassador in TL, Maria Manuela Freitas Bairos reminded the scholarship recipients that just like her, they are all ambassadors for their respective countries at every university where they will later study.

“Therefore, your obligations in Portugal and Brazil are very important to represent Timor-Leste,” She said.

The Ambassador also stated that the people of the two countries know Timor-Leste because it lives in their hearts and takes part in the Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP).

Meanwhile The Brazilian Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Maurício Medeiros de Assis encouraged students to focus on their field of study, especially those studying in Brazil. Thus, they can return and contribute to the country’s development.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá
Editor: Nelia B.


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