Over 100 children suffering from Cardiology disease have had surgery in Australia  

Over 100 children suffering from Cardiology disease have had surgery in Australia  


DILI, 30 november 2022 (TATOLI)- Over 100 Timorese children who suffered from heart disease have undergone the heart surgery in Australia.

The CEO of East Timor Health Fund, Doctor Noel Bayley said it is important for helping Timorese children who were born suffered from heart disease.

“East Timor Health Fund Foundation was established in Timor-Leste with a principal mission to organize life-serving surgery in Australia for Children suffering from health disease,’’ The CEO of East Timor Health Fund, Doctor Noel Bayley told Journalist in Presidential Palace, Aitarak Laran this tuesday.

Doctor Bayley said that until today 35 patients still remind to go to Australia for Cardiology surgery. The main causes of heart disease affect children called rheumatic heart disease and skin infection.

“This disease affects children from they were born. This disease which is required some surgery to ensure children can be survived,” he said.

According to Doctor Bayley, these diseases mostly happen in other countries composed including America, China, India, and others.

“But On Monday I received an honor for serving in East Timor to treat children who suffered from Cardiology disease for over 20 years,”

At the same Place, Doctor Noel Bayley thanked the President of the Republic, José Ramos Horta for the honorable medal of the order of Timor-Leste awarded to him for his work saving lives during this time, the medal was awarded to him at the commemoration of Procalamtion day on november 28, 2022.

’’ This medal represents the dedication for serving Timorese People over 20 years, especially focused on serving Timorese children who are suffering from Cardiology disease,’’ He concluded.

Dr. Noel Bayley is an Australian-based health professional. He was trained as a Cardiologist (Heart Specialist) and practices in Warrnambool. After graduating from the University of Melbourne, Australia, in 1977 and training as a Cardiologist (Heart Specialist) and practicing in Warrnambool, Dr. Bayley offers a full complement of cardiovascular services from prevention to treatment.

He practices at Warrnambool Physicians. Dr. Noel Bayley is affiliated with St John of God Warrnambool Hospital in Warrnambool, VIC.

Coming to Timor-Leste

Dr. Noel Bayley first arrived in Timor-Leste in 2000, Dr. Bayley started his Australian professional life by involving with a small clinic in the hills above Geleno, located southwest of Dili. his principal area of professional expertise is the assessment and treatment of heart diseases. He set about diagnosing and arranging surgery for young adults with life-threatening conditions that were readily treatable in Australia. Arranging surgery is made through the generosity of donors, colleagues, and hospitals in Australia.

In the last decade, he made more than 30 trips to Timor-Leste and has had the privilege of seeing many hundreds of patients.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges


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