AMRT and Star King sign a contract to construct the Eternal Flame garden by 2023

AMRT and Star King  sign a contract to construct the Eternal Flame garden by 2023

photo tatoli/Francisco Sony

DILI,16 december 2022 ( TATOLI)– The Timorese Resistance Archive and Museum (AMRT) and the Star King Construction, LDA, today held the Contract Signing Ceremony to start work on the Garden of the Eternal Flame in front of AMRT’s s office Colmera, Dili.

The Executive Director and the President of AMRT, IP, Hamar Antoninho Alves, said with this signing contract, Star King Construction LDA with its consortium will start work at the beginning of january 2023.

“The work, awarded to the Star King Construction, LDA, and the Company of DMF Acesso in a Joint venture, supervised by the Soares & Guterres consortium in a Joint Venture with 3CLX Engineering, is scheduled for the beginning of next year with the duration of 18 months,” the President and Executive Director of AMRT Hamar Antonio told reporters in his office Colmera, Dili on friday.

Hamar Antonio explained the Garden of the Eternal Flame represents a total public investment of US$ 5,059,000.00, of which US$ 4,548,000.00 is related to the construction of the work, US$351,500.00 is referring to the supervision of the work and around 160,000.00 US$ are for carrying out technical studies. 

He added the Garden of the Eternal Flame present an important step towards the dissemination of the country’s historical heritage, as well as for the consolidation of the national.

Hamar also wishes that both joint ventures will accelerate the project construction because the garden was planned to be launched in 2024.

on behalf of the Government appealed to the Start King Construction LDA together with its consortium to accelerate the project construction based on the schedule to open in 2024.

“This building will have a Garden, in memory of the Heroes of National Liberation who gave their lives in struggles for our country’s independence, beyond the Garden we will have an exhibition space. All will be portrayed the historical period of Portuguese Colonial Administration and the immediate antecedents of the Indonesian Military Invasion,” he said

The Executive Director and President of AMRT IP concluded his intervention by referring that “The Timorese Resistance Archive and Museum will thus offer the public narrative of the great historical moments of our country, from the colonial period in Restoration of independence,”

The Timorese Resistance Archive and Museum is an archive and museum that promotes and sponsors actions of a cultural, scientific, and educational nature in the fields of preservation and dissemination of the memory of the resistance struggle of the people of Timorese recognition and social appreciation of veterans, the consolidation of identity, the contemporary history of Timor-Leste and the promotion of peace and respect for Human Rights.

At the same place the Executive Director of the Star King Construction LDA, Lay Siu Hing thanked the Government of Timor -Leste through AMRT which had trusted the Star King Construction LDA for the construction of this heroic garden.

” On behalf of Star King Construction LDA, together with its consortium, I thanked the Government which had trusted us to construct the Garden, and we promise to finalize this project base on the designer and Bill of Quantity (BoQ) according to the timeline project contract which is offered to us,” he concludes.



Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B.


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