BTL sign an agreement with three local companies to install clean water for 1011 households

BTL sign an agreement with three local companies to install clean water for 1011 households

Locals collect clean water at Tasi Tolu beach in July, 2019. (Image/Antonio Goncalves)

DILI, 11 january 2023 (TATOLI)- BEE Timor-Leste (BTL) signed an agreement with three local companies to provide clean water to the people living in Viqueque lakluta and Liquiça Maubara.

BTL EP President Carlos Peloi Dos Reis said the agreement was signed to provide clean water to 6.332 people in two administrative posts consisting of Lakluta in Viqueque and Maubara in the municipality of Liquica.

“Today we entered into agreements with three local companies; Timor Rindu Company, KOAFALI Company, and Quintas das Flores Company to install water pipes for people living in two municipalities to access clean water,” President BTL. EP, Carlos Peloi Dos Reis told reporters in Caioli Tuesday.

He added the project will be launched this month and the duration is six months.

Timor Rindu Director, Jorge Henrique said the company is committed to installing clean water for 693 households, therefore “My company is committed to working hard to finish the project on time within six months,” he said.

The President of the Municipality of Viqueque, José Andrade dos Santos said the company should have to fulfill its responsibilities for this project, therefore, Andrade said they must work together with the government and the local community.

“Installation of clean water will benefit more people in Lakluta and Maubara, therefore the companies need to work hard and cooperate with local authority and communities living in both areas,” he said

According to his explanation, the budget spent on the clean water project in Lakluta is worth USD 789,000. The funds will be used for two projects, namely the installation of water pipes and the construction of water storage tanks. The clean water project in Lakluta will benefit more than 693 households and 4,000 people.

Meanwhile, in Maubara, the project will cost more than USD 559,000 and will benefit 372 households and 2,232 people.

So far, the installation of clean water pipes will take more than 30 and 10 kilometers.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá
Editor: Nelia B.


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