MCAE assumes TL will meet the criteria of WTO in early 2023

MCAE assumes TL will meet the criteria of WTO in early 2023

Coordination Minister of Economy Affairs, Joaquim Amaral

DILI, 13 january 2023 (TATOLI)—Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs (MCAE), Joaquim Amaral believed that Timor-Leste will accomplish all criteria set by the WTO (Word Trade Organization) in early 2023.

“We already have a road map, if we follow it in three months it will be completed. We are organizing five working groups to find out the status of Timor-Leste,” said Joaquim Amaral told Tatoli at the Government Palace, wednesday

He explained that last year Timor-Leste had received a series of criteria from the WTO to accomplish and it was hoped that the WTO membership process could be completed within the next two months.

“MCAE is currently prepared to send immediate reports to determine a working group. It means the reports also will contribute to the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries members) in the economic sector,” he said.

Previously, the World Bank team held a technical meeting with the Investment and Export Promotion Agency, I.P (TradeInvestor Timor-Leste) with aimed of hearing Trade Invest’s perspective on Timor-Leste’s accession to the WTO.

This is because the World Bank team is in the process of completing a report on private sector constraints growth, export diversification, and accession to the WTO.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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