MOP launches six new brigade groups to respond to the emergency

MOP launches six new brigade groups to respond to the emergency

Photo Tatoli/António Daciparu

DILI, 16 january 2023 (TATOLI)—The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) together with the Infrastructure Development Support Equipment Management Agency (IGEADI) today launched six new brigade groups to serve communities in responding to emergencies across the country.

“Last year IGE transformed into IGE, and today we launched six brigade groups to provide services to the community by opening and repairing roads in emergencies,” explained Chair of IGEADI , Ermenegildo da Costa Laurentina at the IGEADI office, Monday.

Each brigade will be responsible for several areas such as Daitula (Baucau, Lautém, and Viqueque), Rosa Muki (Manatuto, Manufahi, and Ainaro), Maria Tapo (Bobonaro, Emera, Covalima), Samba 9 (Aielu, Dili, and Liquiça ), Sebastião Gomes (Reserve for emergency assistance), while the operational Task Force Team led the mobilization and demobilization of heavy equipment for the brigades that had been deployed.

IGE will prepare facilities for each group to carry out their work, the facilities include Excavators (5), Bulldozers (1), Loaders (1), Motor Graders (Operational), Vibration Rollers (1), Dump Trucks (5), Operational Cars ( 1).

“This year IGEADE received $4.6 million from the state budget and I believe the team that has been deployed is an important step for us to get closer to the community to overcome all problems with the support of the brigade,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Public Works, Abel Pires said the names selected for each brigade were the names of the warriors who died for this country and these names are honored, MOP hoped that the brigades will have the spirit of warriors serving the country.

“The heroes will be very enthusiastic to name the group after them, and we will bring the development to this country, we also change IGE to IGEADI because we have great trust from the community,” said Pires.

He requests the members of the brigade to continue to maintain their health to provide higher quality services in the areas most needed and continue to provide information regarding the lack of facilities so that the Government can take the necessary actions.

The five brigades named Daitula, Rosa Muki, Maria Tapo, Samba 9, and Sebastião Gomes have 26 members who are responsible for Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator, Supervisor, Engineer, Operator, Mechanic, Driver, Logistics, Warehouse, Financial Administration, Ass Operator, and Cook.

Meanwhile, the Operational Task Force Team only has 20 members consisting of Coordinators, Deputy Coordinators, Trenton Operators, Motor Grader Operators, and Fuel Tank Drivers. Machines for road maintenance will also be managed by this team.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá
Editor: Nelia B.


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