MoEYS allocated $30 million to construct the school building in 2023

MoEYS allocated $30 million to construct the school building in 2023

DILI, 28 January 2023 ( TATOLI)- The Government of Timor – Leste through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports ( MoEYS) allocated $ 30 million to construct and rehabilitate school infrastructure in 2023.

MoEYS received $15 million in the 2023 budget to be allocated to school infrastructure projects and received a $15 million loan from the World Bank, thus a total of $30 million to address primary school infrastructure in the national territory.

According to Maia, the total allocated for the school construction and rehabilitation was $30 million.

“With this total fund we hope to construct around 200 to 300 schools this year,” Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Armindo Maia told TATOLI in Maucale, Garivai Baucau on friday.

From the total school mentioned MoEYS will construct and rehabilitate 700 classrooms, therefore estimated that over 1,500 classrooms and 500 schools will be repaired. 

“Despite we have short term, we hope that could complete this program according to the plan,” he said.

While at the same time, Maia said, The projects that have been completed in the National territory are 94 school constructions, consisting of the Municipality of Aileu are 7 Ainaro 6, Baucau 17, Bobonaro 11, Covalima 8, Dili 7, Ermera 5, Lautem 5, Likisa 4, Manatuto 3, Manufahi 6 and Vikeke 7.

Around 203 schools still ongoing projects consisting of Municipalities

Aileu are 14, Ainaro 16, Baucau 29, Bobonaro 21, Covalima 16, Dili 16, Ermera 19, Lautem 16, Likisa 13, Manatuto 10, Manufahi 15 and Vikeke 18. And 8 schools are still in the stage of completion.



Journalist: Natalino Belo

Editor: Evaristo Soares Martins

Translation: Camilio de Sousa


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