Timor Port informs four companies returning containers to reduce taxes

Timor Port informs four companies returning containers to reduce taxes

Photo Tatoli/Antonio Daciparu

LIQUIÇA, 13 february 2023 (TATOLI)- Timor Port Company informed four companies of returning containers due to the payment of taxes.

Timor Port Director, Rafael Riberio said that four domestic importing companies prefer to return their containers before unloading saying to reduce the taxes.

“Regarding the tax increase, this has nothing to do with Timor Port because this is a government proposal. But in January 2023, there was a quiet problem where many containers were returned by related companies due to tax increases,” The director of Timor Port company, Rafael Riberio told Tatoli Agency, in Timor Port Tibar, this monday.

The companies that have returned their containers are four importing companies consisting of Timor Food, Star King, Fortuna Loro-sa’e, and Natural Supply which returned 7 containers. “Currently the repatriation process is being coordinated with the Customs Authority.”

He explained that several containers were still being put at the Tibar Port warehouse because the companies themselves had not completed the administration process.

“Before the company took the containers, the port management requested them to coordinate with the government, especially the Customs Authority,” he said.

He said that despite it was not enough to unload cargo, the company still had to pay a space tax to Timor Port because it had used the existing facilities.

Payment details for Timor Port for a container with a capacity of 20 feet worth $ 53 (loaded) and $ 42 for (an empty) container, while for a 40 feet capacity worth $ 106 (loaded) and $ 84 (empty).

Concerning this issue, the Manager of the Timor Food Company, Jackie Jong, in his interview with Tatoli, informed that his party had not received any information about shipping containers because they could not pay taxes.

“I don’t have any internal information yet, but this year since there was a new tax, we have included two containers that are mostly filled with sugar,” he said.




Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia .


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