MCAE  launch competition for 2023 Innovative Business Plan in the Farm area  

MCAE  launch competition for 2023 Innovative Business Plan in the Farm area  

DILI, 21 february 2023 (TATOLI)— The Minister of Coordinating of Economic Affairs (MCAE), Joaquim Amaral, and the Vice Minister of Tourism Commerce and Industry (MTCI), Domingos Antunes Lopes, together with Instituto Apoiu Desenvolvimento Emprezariál (IADE) held the launching of competition Innovative Business Plan (IBP) 2023 in the area of Farm.

At the launching event, Minister MCAE, Joaquim Amaral, said the competition of business innovation is very important since Timor – Leste just came out from the covid -19 flood in 2021, therefore IBP is reopening to find new talent of business from youths to develop the economic sectors in Timor – Leste.

“The 2023 IBP ‘s competition is very crucial to invite our youths to attend this event to show their talent and their capacity to explore the natural resources that we have in our country,’’ Joaquim Amaral told TATOLI in the office of IADE Mandarin, Dili on tuesday.

Amaral also emphasized that at the moment Timor – Timor-Leste‘s Government start investing in IBP aiming to diversify the economy through the productivity sector in the area of tourism and agriculture.

“I wish to encourage all youths to attend the Innovative Business Plan of 2023 because this competition is not far away from your daily activities, we wish to prioritize the agriculture sector to absorb the economic growth in Timor – Leste,’’ he said.

Amaral continues to encourage Timorese youths to invest in agriculture sectors and Farm and also keep raising the chicken, Pigs, buffalo, and others, to reduce imported meets.

The Executive Director of IADE, Filomeno Marcelino Belo, said the 2023 IBP launching activity with the Theme “Change your life with Farm” is very important adding that IADE is one of the state Agency under the MCAE with the main purpose to support and providing service to the entrepreneurship through the program of capacity building to promote the small and medium business in the national territory of Timor – Leste.

“IADE conducted this 2023 IBP activities in the Farm sector with the purpose to promote the activity of Farmers starting from Farmers, collector, processing, and distributor until it reaches the market to generate more income,’’ said Filomeno Marcelino.

He added the competition of IBP is also to encourage the potential youths in the sector of the farm business to contribute to the development of economic sustainability in Timor – Leste.

“This competition will take a long duration for the progress from business activities such as intellectual training or training for candidates to prepare a business strategic plan to compete in the final phase,”

The registration of IBP will take place on 22 february in IADE. Based on calculation around 300 youths will attend this competition.

Meanwhile, the funding for 2023 IBP ‘s activities is worth $ 58,000 from 2023 ‘s State Budget.



Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B.


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