USAID- MAF and MoAF officially launch regular domestic flights to seven municipalities

USAID- MAF and MoAF officially launch regular domestic flights to seven municipalities

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DILI, 15 march 2023 (TATOLI)- United States of America (USA) through the United States for International Development Agency (USAID together with, Mission Aviation Followership (MAF) and the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF) officially launched regular domestic flights to seven municipalities.

U.S Chargé d’Affaires in Timor-Leste, Tom Daley said reliable and regular air travel is a critical component of Timor-Leste’s tourism growth strategy.

“We are proud to support domestic flights as an important component to strengthen regional and connectivity and develop tourism infrastructure, which will expand Timor-Leste’s economic growth and prosperity,” U.S . Chargé d’Affaires, Tom Daley said in his remarks at Nicolau Lobato International Airport.

He added that it is an important moment for Timor-Leste to launch the ceremony of the regular domestic aircraft to seven municipalities across the territories.

“With the support offered by the U.S, MAF officially launched a domestic flight to six municipalities,” he said

It is great to expect an increase in tourism numbers to visit potential tourism sites in Timor-Leste.

The flight is designed to promote tourism sites in rural areas. The flight is also to support responding to emergency travel and help bring the diseased person in urgent situations.

MAF country Director, Nick Hitchins said it is the result of the initial response from non-governmental organization partners that have been very encouraging.

“A recent round of community dialogue with local leaders in the districts demonstrated reaching support and excitement of the opportunity that will be open up for increasing the travel connectivity,” he said

Timor Leste has required regular domestic flights to respond to some aspects such as tourism, agriculture, economy, and others.

“The domestic flight will help Timorese economy growth and within helping Agriculture able to bring these products to the market,” he said.

Deputy minister of MoAF, Abilio Xavier de Araujo thanks the U.S. embassy for providing support through the USAID to launch this important ceremony of domestic flights for seven municipalities across territories of Timor-Leste.

“ It is very vital regular flight activity to ensure all people can be ease have connectivity from Dili to other municipalities. While the agriculture people can transport this product to the national market in Dili,’’ He said

Araújo suggests to the development apartment especially the U.S. embassy in Timor-Leste and MAF to provide a large flight to help agriculture people to transport this product to the national market.

It is known that the aircraft will travel to six municipalities such as Viqueque, Baucau, Maliana, Same, Suai, Lospalos, and Atauru.

The Aircraft has the capacity to transport seven persons including of 50 kg baggage. The cost rate around for each passage is around $ 30 to $150.




Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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