DNEE announces a total of 55,436 Timorese applied for the PALM scheme to work in Australia

DNEE announces a total of 55,436 Timorese applied for the PALM scheme to work in Australia

Timorese workers signed a contract with SEFOPE before leaving for Australia (photo Tatoli)

DILI, april 03, 2023 (TATOLI)—National Directorate of Foreign Workers (DNEE) announced that 155,436 Timorese are applying for the PALM (Pacific Australia Labor Mobility) scheme to work in Australia. The program is engaged with the State Secretariat for Professional Training and Employment (SEFOPE).

“Online registration for the PALM scheme has received 155,436 registrants consisting of 34,435 men and 21,011 women,” said a statement released from SEFOPE.

It was stated that registration for new workers to Australia online had started on 6 March 2023 was ended on 17 March 2023. It aims to provide opportunities for young people to work in Australia according to their skills.

The results of the registration received by SEFOPE will be pre-screened by the DNEE team or an assessment starting from 27 March 2023 where the assessment process will be carried out according to the existing criteria.

DNEE also in this case asks the public, especially registration participants, not to trust anyone who claims to be SEFOPE staff or employees to take illegal actions to facilitate the assessment process.

“Please report it as soon as possible via email or the official SEFOPE website,” the letter said.

Previously, the Director General of SEFOPE, Paulo Alves said that SEFOPE is trying to open opportunities to all Timorese youth and hopes to achieve the target of 8,000 workers.

“Our team will conduct the evaluation together with the support of the Australian PALM Scheme program, to select the candidates to be worked in Australia,”

The recruiting offers a wide range of industries, such as Meat Manufacturing, Agriculture/Garden, Fishing, Production-Processing Line (general), Hospitality/Accommodation, Trade, Specialized Cleaning Jobs, Electrical Engineers, Drivers, and Construction.

This registration will assist DNEE in selecting relevant candidates for semi-skilled opportunities under the PALM Scheme to complete the Work Ready Pool system in preparation for future recruitment.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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