Japan’s Embassy, UNDP, and CNE launch digital counting platform for parliamentary election

Japan’s Embassy, UNDP, and CNE launch digital counting platform for parliamentary election

DILI, 13 April 2023 (TATOLI)- The Embassy of Japan and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) together with the National Election Commission (CNE) launched a digital counting platform for the parliamentary Election that will be held on 21 May 2023.

UNDP country resident representative, Munkhtuya, Altangerel said it is great pleasure and honor to join in the launching ceremony of the digital tabulation system.

“I would like to thank the Embassy of Japan for its support through the UNDP for procuring a digital tabulation system, I believe this tabulation digit system can help to provide the transparency result for everyone can access,” The country resident representative, Munkhtuya Altangerel said in her remarks.

She added that UNDP is committed to supporting the government of Timor-Leste through the National Election Commission (CNE).

Deputy Chief of Mission Japan Embassy in Timor Leste, Kazumi Amada said Timor-Leste is known to be one of the most democratic nations in the region. It is one of the elements under the democratic system in a country to have a free, fair, and transparent election.

“I had the opportunity to see for myself during the presidential elections last year how much effort is made in this country to make the elections transparent,” She said

She added that in last year’s election, voting stations were open for those who wish to observe the entire voting process. Counting of ballots at the voting stations was also just as transparent, as each ballot paper was displayed and counted out loud to those who gathered to watch: “Now, with the CNE digital tabulation system, a higher degree of transparency will be realized at the CNE tabulation level. Anyone with access to the internet will be to see the status of the work of tabulation as well as its result. This is also conducive to the goal of project CORE-TL on this system as developed, as people do not need to gather in a crowded space to see the status or the result of tabulation,” She said.

CNE President, José Belo said this digital count platform is helping the election commission to implant parliament elections effectiveness and transparency.

“It is a great support provided by the development partners composed of the Japan Embassy and UNDP for Timor-Leste,” He said

He added that the platform will help CNE to effectively access all data to ensure the data collection must be fully controlled by CNE. It is an easy way for every political party and other community to access adequate data on the voting result.

Mr. Belo emphasized that CNE will assign its staff to every voting station across the territories of Timor-Leste to directly observe the counting process.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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