PR Horta awarded two Cubands Doctors the Medal of Merits

PR Horta awarded two Cubands Doctors the Medal of Merits

Photo Tatoli/Egas Cristóvão

DILI, 4 may 2023 (TATOLI)— The President of the Republic, José Ramos Horta, awarded two Cuban doctors, Juan Carlos Chavez and Rosa Duconger the Medals of Merits.

President Horta also gave recognition to 71 Cuban doctors in Timor-Leste.

“We thank the Cuban doctors in Timor-Leste for their solidarity in the health sector, namely in the medical field in Timor-Leste. And also the cooperation between the two countries that has existed for the last 20 years,” said Horta in his remarks at the Dili Presidential Palace, this Thursday.

Horta also reminded that when TL was facing various difficult situations, such as on April 4 when the flash flood had impacted so many lives, Cuban doctors were still with TL.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Cuba in Timor-Leste, Grisel Alina Aldama Innis, also thanked the President of the Republic, José Ramos Horta for awarding this medal.

“We are very grateful to the President of the Republic for the attribution of two medals, to the chief medical officer in Timor-Leste, Juan Carlos Chavez, and the Director of the Higher Medical School in Timor-Leste, Rosa Dunconger, who is currently responsible for medicine,” he said.

Ambassador Grisel also thanked the Head of State for giving recognition to 71 Cuban doctors in Timor-Leste.

“This month, the Cuban Medical Brigade celebrates 60 years as doctors in Cuba. Therefore, it is a source of pride for Cuban doctors to continue to take up jobs in the health sector,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Merit Medal is an award in recognition of the State of Timor-Leste for the hard work and dedication in serving the people of this country.

This medal also symbolizes gratitude to the citizens of this country and those who, from various parts of the world, play an active role in developing Timor-Leste.


Journalist : Mirandolina Barros Soares

Editor : Armandina Moniz

Translation: Jose De Sa


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