TradeInvest grants business certificate to Aero Dili

TradeInvest grants business certificate to Aero Dili

Photo Tatoli/Francisco Sony

DILI, may 04, 2023 (TATOLI) – TradeInvest, the state-owned Export and Promotion Agency, granted business benefits to Aero Dili. These benefits were formalized via a certificate, the Declaration of Benefits, and Investor Certificate, a document that explains the benefits and incentives to be granted by the State.

The pleading, however, also defines the obligations of its holder, the conditions of its revocation, and the dates of beginning, implementation, and completion of the investment or reinvestment project, among other formalities.

The Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs, Joaquim Amaral, was grateful to Aero Dili for having invested in the aviation sector.

“It is very important that national companies invest in strategic sectors. This is the first airline to use the flag of Timor-Leste on an airplane. We should feel proud,” said the official, on the sidelines of the delivery of the certificate to the company Aero Dili, in Colmera, Dili.

The Executive Director of Aero Dili, Lourenço de Oliveira, reported that the initial investment was 12 million US dollars and that it is expected to increase it to 20 million next year.

“Our company intends to invest in the development of human resources skills. In this sense, we plan to create a training center in Dili.”

He added that Aero Dili, in partnership with Airbus, sent a team of 19 Timorese – six pilots, ten flight attendants, and three engineers – to attend aviation courses in France, the United States of America, and Dubai.



Journalist: Domingos Piedade Freitas

Editor: Isaura Lemos de Deus

Translation: Camilo de Sousa


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