UNMICS and MoAF and Development Partner discuss the progress of the food system in Timor Leste

UNMICS and MoAF and Development Partner discuss the progress of the food system in Timor Leste

Photo Tatoli/Jose De Sa

DILI, 15 June 2023 (TATOLI)— The unit of Mission to Combat Stunting (UNMICS) and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries together with the United Nations (UN) organization discussed progress on the food system in Timor Leste, to reduce malnutrition and stunting in 2030.

“Today we are discussing again, the progress of the food system, and also preparing a list of recommendations for the next Government, so that investment remains in the food system because around 20% of the population suffered from food insecurity,” said the Executive Director of UNMICS, Filipe da Costa to reporters in Delta Nova Dili, this thursday.

He added, that around 300 thousand people live without a food security system in Timor Leste (TL), so it is necessary to prioritize the food system in this country.

“If food is not adequate, then this can have an impact on nutrition, because of an unhealthy diet. Malnutrition in Timor Leste is the second highest in the world, starting from children aged 5 and under, around 47% are stunted, this is due to an unhealthy diet,” he explained.

Therefore, the main objective of the seminar is to prepare plans for the next government, so that they can implement and invest properly, and can guarantee food security for the people of TL.

“Besides we are also preparing, Stock Talking Update, for the next government, which will participate in an international food system event in Rome, which will be invited by the UN, in mid-July,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Director General of MAP, Odete informed that the Ministry of Agriculture has a strategic plan for 2021-2025 to increase domestic agricultural production.

“This strategy requires a lot of investment in the agricultural sector, especially foods including corn, rice, and others,” She said,

In the same venue, an FAO representative in TL, Paula Lopes da Crus informed that FAO has been working with TL since 2000, to support TL in the agricultural sector.

“Until now FAO has assisted Timor-Leste in agriculture, fisheries, and forestry,” She said.

Since 2012, until today, FAO has supported increasing the politics of sustainable agricultural strategies, especially agricultural conservation.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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