TOMAK program benefits over 17,208 Timorese

TOMAK program benefits over 17,208 Timorese

TOMAK team leader, Renato Zrnic (Photo Tatoli/Jose De Sa)

DILI, 20 june 2023 (TATOLI)- TOMAK (To’os ba Moris Di’ak, or Farming for Prosperity), agriculture livelihoods program funded by the Australian Government in Timor-Leste, has benefited over 17,208 Timorese in this country.

TOMAK takes an important role to support farmers cultivate local crops and provide food supply chains to the market, to ensure the availability of nutrition, and connect farmers to the market.

TOMAK team leader, Renato Zrnic said that TOMAK Program and partners are transforming the food system by improving food supply chains consisting of food production and supplying the food to market.

“We help farmers to produce local foods and sell them to the domestic market including supermarket Loja Agriculture in Dili and to ensure the consumer consumes local and nutritious foods, so far TOMAK has achieved a total of 17,208 beneficiaries composed of farmers and neighbors who also consume local products.’’ TOMAK, Team Leader, Renato Zrnic told Tatoli Media in Timor Plaza, Comoro, this Tuesday.

During the implementation of the TOMAK program, three key outcomes were presented to the beneficiaries including Improved and sustainable government policies programs, and services, More resilient agriculture-based livelihoods, and an improved economy, To improve housed food security and dietary diversity.

Through these keys program, TOMAK also has been cooperating with farmers to produce local products for the domestic markets, help families with diet programs, and offered capacity building to farmers.

In addition, TOMAK is also committed to capacity development and strengthening government institutions to deliver improved programs and services to rural communities.

“The Capacity building is provided by 911 Government staffs including staff from NGo, the training provided including, seeds cultivation and market supply chain,”

According to Renato Zrnic, This program was implemented in 2016 and by 2022 the program already covered 83 villages in three municipalities, including Baucau, Bobonaro, and Viqueque. according to the plan, it will expand to 124 other villages in other municipalities.

The TOMAK program is funded by Australian Embassy in Timor-Leste through DFAT worth 50 million AUD for 10 years. The first phase was from 2016 to 2022 and the continuation of the second phase launched from September 2022 to 2027.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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