MCI: Manleuana’s traditional market lack space to accommodate vendors

MCI: Manleuana’s traditional market lack space to accommodate vendors

Photo Tatoli/António Daciparu

DILI, 28 july 2023 (TATOLI)– The Minister of Trade and Industry (MCI) identified that the Manleuna traditional market lacks space to accommodate vendors who carry out their business across a public road in Dili.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Filipus Nino Pereira said, the main purpose of today’s visit was to see firsthand the actual market conditions and traders and gather ideas from market management officials.

“I came to see the traditional market to accumulate ideas and complaints from market management officers, security officers, and traders,” Minister, Pereira told reporters at the Manleu traditional market this Friday.

During the visit, MCI identified that this market still lacks space to accommodate more traders who are currently conducting their business on public roads, therefore he said, MCI will coordinate with relevant authorities to improve market management.

“MCI is coordinating with the Dili Municipal Authority to improve the management of traditional markets. MCI continues to pay attention to creating a friendly environment for traders in running their business,”

According to Pereira Manleu markets have a market structure consisting of cleaners, security officers, and market officials.

Therefore, to manage this place properly, MCI plans to have a dialogue with traders and consumers about the functions of traditional markets by providing the right information and encouraging them to carry out activities within the markets.

“We will bring street vendors and buyers back to the traditional market. Traders are not allowed to carry out commercial activities across the public road in Dili to reduce traffic around the city,” he said.

Perreira was also informed that All traders are not allowed to live permanently in the market, and they are only allowed to stay in the market in the daytime to conduct business activities while returning home at night.

“Good to know that traders are not allowed to stay in the market but only allow to run their business during the day and at night they have to go home,”

It is known that the Manleu traditional market was founded in 2012 and accommodated by more than 1,000 Timorese traders.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá
Editor: Nelia B.


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