Muhammadiyah recommends Timor-Leste process halal certification for TL local product

Muhammadiyah recommends Timor-Leste process halal certification for TL local product

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DILI, 21 August 2023 (TATOLI)- Muhammadiyah Central Executive from Indonesia recommended that the Government of Timor-Leste should apply halal certification to every product from Timor-Leste before being marketed domestically or abroad.

Secretary of the Central Executive of Muhammadiyah, Muhammad Sayuti, said this issue after meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Rural Development Affairs of Timor-Leste, Mariano Assanami Sabino at the Government Office with his delegates for about two hours.

Muhammad Sayuti explained that the meeting was to provide suggestions regarding activities carried out by Muhammadiyah in Timor-Leste within this month, such as providing training to the community in the automotive sector, economic empowerment, and training in introducing halal products.

“Deputy Prime Minister, Mariano himself considered halal products very important for Timor-Leste because the certificate will enable the country to send food to Indonesia or Other countries,” explained the Secretary of the Muhammadiyah Central Executive.

Muhammadiyah itself has high potential to become a cooperative partner that supports the Government of Timor-Leste because it already has 12 testing places for halal products across Indonesia and has a lot of experience after being founded in 1912.

Muhammad Sayuti, who also serves as the Dean of the Teaching and Education Faculty at Ahmad Dalan University, made their presence known and offers scholarship opportunities for TL youths.

“So our Ahmad Dalan University has 54 study programs from undergraduate to doctoral levels that suit the needs of Timor-Leste. Of course, we want it to be realized,” he said.

Chairman of the Timor Leste Muhammadiyah Special Branch (PCIM), Ippolito Soares emphasized that this halal certification is not only for Muslims but for all Timorese people because it still has something to do with government agencies to determine the hygiene of food and beverage products.

Deputy Prime Minister, Mariano Assanami Sabino considers halal certification to be very important because it supports TL to export products abroad and their presence to provide training to the public.

“The government will support and we will coordinate and cooperate with the Ministry of Higher Education in the education sector and other related agencies, considering that TL itself has plans to set up its food testing laboratory,” he said.

Muhammadiyah or Moehamadijah is the name of an Islamic movement that was born in Kauman Yogyakarta on November 18, 1912 (8 Dzulhijjah 1330 Hijriyah). The founder of Muhammadiyah was a kyai who was known to be pious, intelligent, and had an innovating spirit, namely Kyai Haji Ahmad Dahlan, whose previous name or nickname was Muhammad Darwish.

In 2019, Muhammadiyah is considered the second-largest Islamic organization in Indonesia with 60 million members. Although Muhammadiyah leaders and members are often actively involved in shaping Indonesian politics, Muhammadiyah is not a political party. Muhammadiyah devotes itself more to social and educational activities.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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