Gov’t donates $2.5 million to support emergency relief for victims of earthquake in Morocco

Gov’t donates $2.5 million to support emergency relief for victims of earthquake in Morocco

Earthquake in Marocco (Photo/special)

DILI, 14 september 2023 (TATOLI)—The government of Timor-Leste, sent 2.5 million USD in solidarity support to help the victims of the massive earthquake in Maroco.

In a statement seen by Tatol, Timor-Leste Prime Minister, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao expresses solidarity with the Government and people of the Kingdom of Morocco who suffered as a result of the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred on September 8, saying: “Timor Leste is ready to provide any additional assistance that may be required, and we look forward to working with your Government in the coming days and weeks,” Xanana Gusmao stated.

At the same time, Timor-Leste’s Council of Ministers approved on September 13, 2023, $2.5 million to support the Government of Marroco’s efforts to respond to the devastating caused by the Earthquake,”

The spokesperson for the IX Constitutional Government, Minister Agio Pereira, also expressed “sincere condolences to the People and Government of the Kingdom of Morocco” and saluted “all parties who remain determined to search for survivors and to assist the population affected by this disaster”.

Maroco was hit by a massive earthquake on september 8, 2023 with a magnitude of 6.8 Richter scale. The earthquake killed at least 2,800 people and left around 2,500 others injured. Thousands of people are still missing and rescue teams are still on the ground looking for survivors.

Morocco is the country most at risk of earthquakes. Since an earthquake destroyed the city of Agadir, on the country’s west coast, in 1960, more than 12,000 people died.

During the earthquake that occurred in 2002, over 1,400 people were grappling with severe injuries, and the regions just to the south of Marrakesh have borne the brunt of the devastation.

In 2004, an earthquake hit again Morocco with a 6,4 scale Richter, and in 2016 with a capacity of 6,3 and an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale on 8 September 2023.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges


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