Gov’t and Woodside discuss new study concept for Greater Sunrise project

Gov’t and Woodside discuss new study concept for Greater Sunrise project

Photo Tatoli/Antonio Daciparu

DILI, 18 september 2023 (TATOLI) – A delegation from Woodside Energy Group Ltd, led by Executive Vice President of Exploration and Development, Andy Drummond, met with the Minister of Petroleum, Francisco da Costa Monteiro, to discuss how to accelerate the new concept study for the Greater Sunrise project.

“During the meeting, we talked about all the important work needed to accelerate any concept study that may be necessary for the development of Greater Sunrise,” Minister Monteiro told reporters after the meeting, in Dili, on monday.

He said they also exchanged ideas to work on a number of important documents necessary for the development of the project, including the petroleum mining code, fiscal regime, and production-sharing contracts.

“We all need to discuss everything openly in order to finalize all the necessary agreements and the concept study for the Sunrise project next year, which Woodside will take as the basis for its decision. But the Government of Timor-Leste maintains its position, preferring that the oil and gas from the field be processed in Timor-Leste,” said the Minister.

Monteiro said that it is necessary to finalize all the agreements next year to accelerate the development of Greater Sunrise: “It is better to have a unique concept study for the development of Greater Sunrise. We hope to get it done by June 2024.”

Earlier this year, the Sunrise Joint Venture, comprising TIMOR GAP (56.56%), Woodside Energy (33.44%), and Osaka Gas (10.00%), agreed to undertake a concept selection study for the development of the Greater Sunrise fields.

Drummond said that Woodside appreciated Timor-Leste’s position to pipe the oil and gas from the Sunrise field to Timor-Leste.

When asked about Woodside’s position on Timor-Leste’s preference to process the oil and gas in onshore Timor-Leste, he said that Woodside’s decision would be based on the outcome of the new concept study.

“We really appreciate the position of the Timor-Leste government for the people of Timor-Leste. A year ago we proposed a study that will look at various concepts of various opportunities with a strong focus on the LNG options. So, it would be premature to say the outcome of the study without doing that study,” he said. 

Drummond added that Woodside would discuss with Timor Gap and Osaka to review the scope of the concept study.


Journalist: Filomeno Martins 

Editor: Nelia Borges 


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