National Women’s Day: ‘Time is now’ for Timorese women to lead

National Women’s Day: ‘Time is now’ for Timorese women to lead


DILI, 03 october 2023 (TATOLI) – The Secretary of State for Equality (SEI) raised the importance of women’s leadership role in contributing to the national development.

The Secretary of State for Equality, Elvina Sousa Carvalho, said that young Timorese women, who are determined and courageous, must show their leadership skills in order to make bold and wise decisions as leaders in the future.

She said that the involvement of women in key decision-making is crucial to achieving greater development in the country, stating time is now for Timorese to lead.

Sousa said that the new generation should look up Timorese heroines as their role models to continue fighting for national development and promoting the well-being for all.

Despite Timorese women contributing immensely to the country’s self-determination, women remain “under-represented, under-supported, and unrecognized” in many areas, including social, economic, and political.

Sousa said that the celebration of National Women’s Day is therefore crucial to promote gender equality and inclusion, saying young women must keep fighting to remove the barriers that prevent women from engaging and making decisions.

Every year, Timor-Leste celebrates World Women’s Day on november 3, committing to promote gender equality and inspire inclusion.

On march 13, 2023, the National Parliament approved november 3 as National Women’s Day.

National Women’s Day is one of the commemorative days celebrated on november 3 to mark the death of the Timorese heroine and fighter, Maria Tapo, who fought and sacrificed her life for the self-determination and independence of the country.

The purpose of creating this national day is to strengthen the recognition of the role of women in society.

The celebration of the NWD 2023 was organized in Haupu Suco, Letefoho Administrative Post, Ermera Municipality, with the theme “Women Ready to Lead, Past, Present, and Future.”


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Filomeno Matins


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