HIVOS – NGOs organize Linking and Learning Festival

HIVOS – NGOs organize Linking and Learning Festival

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DILI, 18 november 2022 (TATOLI) – The Humanist and Social Innovation Foundation (HIVOS), together with 13 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), organized a Linking and Learning Festival with the theme: “Strengthening Our Communities through Inclusive Collaboration Towards a Prosperous and Strong Nation” at Fundação Oriente, in Dili.

The 13 NGOs are the Judicial System Monitoring Program (JSMP), Asistensia Legal ba Feto no Labarik (ALFELA), Lao Hamutuk, PRADET, Asosiasaun Halibur Difisiénsia Matan Timor-Leste (AHMDTL), ARCOIRIS, Fokupers, MHVN, FUNDEF, ADTL and CASA VIDA.

The Executive Director of HIVOS, Tunggal Pawestri, said that since its creation eight years ago, HIVOS has been strengthening its collaboration with many NGOs and the government to strengthen Timor-Leste society.

Pawestri said that HIVOS has always encouraged individuals and organizations, as well as local communities, to make decisions based on their preferences and interests.

“We contribute to strengthening our society through inclusion. That’s why we collaborate with many different NGOs and the government, sharing our experience in Multi-Capacity Development to help our organizations grow,” she said.

“Through this festival, we inspire communities and organizations to promote meaningful collaborative action to solve common problems,” Pawestri added.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Office of the President of the Republic, Jesuina Ferreira, appreciated HIVOS’s program in promoting human rights in the country.

She said that bringing together many different NGOs is something special to promote human rights, peace, and stability in the country.


Journalist: Camilo de Sousa

Editor: Filomeno Martins


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