SoSEWS calls telecommunications operator to improve the cable installation

SoSEWS calls telecommunications operator to improve the cable installation

DILI, 18 december 2023 (TATOLI)- The Secretary of State for Electricity, Water, and Sanitation (SoSEWS) called on the Telecommunication Authority to improve and reorganize the telecommunications network cables in the capital area of Dili.

Secretary of State for Electricity, Water, and Sanitation, Santos Noronha, said his office, through EDTL (Electricity of Timor-Leste), has called on the existing telecommunications regulatory authorities to organize the telecommunications network cables. If the operator’s operation does not improve, it will get a consequence of imposing a fine.

“The public has complained about unorganized cables. Therefore, we have asked EDTL to call other operators who have capabilities in the field of communication to repair their cables affected by EDTL’s installation. If they fail to meet the requirements within the stipulated time, EDTL will take action and impose fines,” Santos Noronha said at the National Parliament on monday.

However, Noronha emphasized that his office does not yet have a strong enough legal basis to regulate such operators but has coordinated with the Ministry of Transport and Communications in drafting a law to regulate the operators.

As the current situation is still not resolved, these operators are still frequently installing on the streets, causing a lot of unorganized telecommunication network cables.

“We have asked these operators to cooperate, but there is still no success. Therefore, we will tighten the rules and impose fines on those who install in EDTL’s territory, and EDTL itself will take the initiative to repair the damage after installation,” he said.

Meanwhile, on december 14, Executive Commissioner of Corporate Services, EDTL, E. P. Júlio de Jesus Gonçalves, had a meeting with the Ministry of Public Works, Secretary of State for Toponymy and Urban Organization, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Municipal Authorities, TIC Timor, including the national telecommunications operators (Timor Telecom, Telkomsel, and Telemor), Metrolink, SACOMTEL, Global Net, Ralph Vision, Timor-Leste National Police (PNTL), and the National Program for Tribal Development (PNDS), to update information and discuss the lease of electricity poles supporting telecommunications network cables.

During the meeting, EDTL, E.P., gave a deadline of December 29 for the respective telecom operators to identify and rectify irregular fiber optic installations on electricity poles in Dili city, including the capital municipality, by the standards set out in the contract.

For telecom operators who do not meet this requirement, EDTL and E.P. will sanction them by disconnecting or removing the irregular telecommunication network cables and eventually terminating the power pole rental contract.

This action is based on government directives, including current public concerns related to telecommunication network cables attached to utility poles in unsafe conditions and obstructing sidewalks.

Journalist: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafael Ximenes de A. Belo



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