Gusmão highlights the importance of Rules and Procedures in the Development of TL’s infrastructure

Gusmão highlights the importance of Rules and Procedures in the Development of TL’s infrastructure

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DILI, 15 february 2024 (TATOLI) – Prime Minister, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, highlighted the importance of rules and procedures in the development of Timor-Leste’s infrastructure.

Gusmão made the comments at a national seminar which was held in the meeting room of the Ministry of Finance, in Dili, with the theme: “Rules and Procedures in the Development of Timor-Leste’s Infrastructure.”

The Head of Government said that the development of infrastructure is vital to national development: “Infrastructure is the backbone of all the country’s productive sectors.”

“It is no news that, if we want economic and social development for the Timorese, we must build and maintain a wide range of basic infrastructure that supports health, education, agriculture, people’s mobility, industry, the growth of the private sector, and the general well-being of the people,” said Gusmão.

Prime Minister stressed that tnvesting in infrastructure is also about creating conditions for job creation and income generation, which are essential for national stability.

“If we talk about “rules and procedures” and “lessons learned”, it is essential that we apply the utmost rigour and professionalism throughout the infrastructure development process, from the planning phase, to budgeting, procurement, monitoring, supervision, and evaluation of projects – with transparency and absolute compliance with legislation and the rules in force,” said the Charismatic Leader.

Prime Minister said that Timor-Leste is currently creating conditions to be a more active and dynamic economic partner in the region, including the accession process to ASEAN and the joining of the World Trade Organisation on 26 february.

“I believe that full membership in these international organisations will also provide foreign companies and investors with the confidence and security to invest in our country, which in turn will necessarily require the infrastructure to support these investments. As such, public investment in infrastructure continues to be a national priority,” said Gusmão.

“For this reason, it is now more important than ever to talk about rules and procedures in the context of infrastructure development. Rules and procedures bring certainty and security, including the protection of people and goods. Rules and procedures instil greater effectiveness and efficiency in construction processes and projects, allowing for better time management and better management of financial and human resources. Rules and procedures instil quality and sustainability on infrastructure construction, as well as safeguard impacts on social life and the environment. Lastly, rules and procedures make the country more credible and qualified as a partner or recipient of development assistance or investment,” he explained.

Gusmão added that compliance with rules and procedures ensures conformity with legislation and regulations in force, which is a key factor for a Rule of Law that operates with transparency, integrity, and professionalism, preventing disputes and litigation, and promoting the needs of every part of society, and with consideration to the inequalities in our country.

Infrastructure and a comprehensive and transparent financial market facilitate investment in strategic sectors and drive economic growth within a sustainable and diversified non-oil economy.


Journalist: Jose Belarmino de Sa

Editor: Filomeno Martins


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