Timor-Leste Disabilities is yet to have fully access to public spaces

Timor-Leste Disabilities is yet to have fully access to public spaces

The participant of Workshop for people with disabilities, (Image Tatoli/Natalino Costa)

DILI, 17 September 2020 (TATOLI)- The Executive Director of Timor-Leste Disability Association ADTL, Cesário da Silva, said People with physical disability often experience difficulties and physical barriers to access to the public places related to national development which is resulting in the group experiencing discrimination.

“In our observation there still a discrimination of physical accessibility related to National Development, We consider this as discrimination because so far people with disabilities are yet to involved in the development process, these includes access to public spaces, transport and public infrastructures,” ADTP Director Cesário da Silva said at the National Seminar of People with Disabilities.

The seminar is organized by  ADTL with the theme “physical accessibility in the National Development” This workshop is set to ensure no one is left behind.

According to him, people with disabilities often want to participate in important ceremonies, however due to their physical conditions and the lack of accessible environments they are not capable of joining the ceremonies.

“this is considered to be discrimination and isolation for people with disabilities. For such reason we are motivated to organize this seminar, “Mr. da Silva said.

The propose from the workshop is to call upon the entities to join and propose their solutions, for inclusive development and accessible to Timor-Leste National Development.

ADTL requests for Universal Accessibility

ADTL requests for the special access to people with disabilities within the country development process.

movement in public places (Image/construction image)

“Our first recommendation is to set a universal accessibility that has been designed and launched by the United Nation Organization as a guidance access for people with disabilities,” he said.

As part from the workshop, the organization also has a special request to PN to conduct a fiscal construction, regarding the constructions process and ensure there is no lack of accessibility to people with disabilities.

“We want to recommend about the national development process, should be accessible and inclusive for the issue of disabilities in Timor-Leste,” he said.

President of Parliament Commission of Health, social security and gender equality, Noe da Silva, noted that in the 18 years of country development, there is only 10 percent accessible to people with disabilities.

“We will ask the government to improve from 2020 onward, the government should make accessibility development to the disabilities” he said.

He added as a member of parliament, he has duty to remind the government not to leave anyone behind.

“all citizens should participate in the national development process. We all have the duty and the right to access to all the progress and development in our country,” Mr.Silva said

Noe da Silva a PLP deputy confess many public facilities are yet to access by disabilities.

“there still lack of easily accessible to public spaces, transport and public infrastructure systems for our people with disabilities, thus the parliament has a duty to inform the government, to continue implement what is good for our country,” Mr. Silva said.

Journalist: Natalino Costa

Editor: Julia Chatarina/NickKettle


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