KOICA-KIDC donates personal protective equipment to support schools in response to COVID-19

KOICA-KIDC donates personal protective equipment to support schools in response to COVID-19

(Image Tatoli/Hotencio Sanchez)

DILI, 27 september 2020 (TATOLI)- Korean Organization International Cooperation Agency (KOICA-KIDC) donates personal protective equipment to four institutions to support in the COVID-19 response.

These equipment are provided within two months september to october 2020 for the second period.

The equipment is distributed to four institutions, Football Federation of Timor-Leste (FFTL), Bidau Orphanage, 30 of August Primary School, Secondary School of ESTV Becora.

“the charity plan for FFTL is realised in 28 of September, for 30 of August Basic School will be in 2 of October, and the distribution for the Bidau Orphan will be realised on October 8,” said KOICA-KIDC Manager Choi Eun Young, during a press conference.

KOICA-KIDC also holds partnerships with Timorese citizens to provide them training for the professions related to COVID-19 prevention.

These facilities have similar quantities such as masks around 2000, hand washing soap 100, 100 disinfectant, 4 electronics thermometers, poster and video about the practice of COVID-19 prevention which is prepared by the volunteer from Korea that currently spread in Timor-Leste.

“Poster and video which were made by the volunteers about how to wear a proper mask, how to wash the hands, how we to sneeze when you’re close to people,” he said

He added this equipment is to help the students and teachers in Timor-Leste and other Timorese to do the prevention toward the outbreak of COVID-19 in Timor-Leste.

So far the KOICA has provided the supports to 3 primary schools such as 12 October primary school, 10 December Basic School and Central Primary School of Farol.

Journalist: Hortencio Sanchez

Editor: Agapito dos Santos/Nick Kettle

Translation: Nelia Borges


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