PN to promote civil society participation in parliament activities and legislation

PN to promote civil society participation in parliament activities and legislation

Parliament National, Plenary session (Image Tatoli/Egas Cristovao)

DILI, 28 september 2020 (TATOLI)– Parliament of Timor-Leste is set to promote the participation of the Civil Society in the activities and legislation of parliament, in an attempt to be more transparent in political decisions.

Parliament as a structure of sovereignty in the Republic Democratic of Timor-Leste, representatives all citizens, through the power of legislative, control and political decision based on RDTL constitution article 92.

For the year 2020, there are still three more months, where parliament will continue to implement the political agenda.

“The promotion of open culture and transparency in parliament, include working alongside civil society and including them with the involvement of parliamentary activities and legislative, thus becoming more transparent in the political decision-making process and making the control to the governmental action,” according to the yearly action plan document.

President Guterres announced the importance of bringing Parliament closer to the people since parliament is representing the entire population.

These measures have been submitted along with the budget of parliament to the amount of $12.039.885, which has approved.

From the total amount of budget will split into four categories, $5.556.507 (46,2%) million for salary, a total of $5.124.540 (42,6%) million categorized to good and services, a $96.919 (0,8%) thousand for minor capital, $3.919 (0,03%) for development capital and $1.258.000 (10,5%) million for public transference.

The execution of a $12.039.884 million budget to parliament are mostly to the Temporary State Budget (DOT) from January to September and remain through October, November and December of this year.

Journalist: Evaristo Soares Martins

Editor: Cancio Ximenes/Nick Kettle

Translation: Nelia Borges


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