Timor-Leste-Australia-USA launch”Harii Hamutuk” military exercise 2020

Timor-Leste-Australia-USA launch”Harii Hamutuk” military exercise 2020

Major Colonel Coliati together with the F-FDTL members and Tropes from Australia and America after the launching exercise (Image/F-FDTL)

DILI, 30 september 2020 (TATOLI)– The Army Forces from three Nations have officially launched a Joint exercise named “Harii Hamutuk (Build Together)” organised at the F-FDTL compound Baucau.

The exercise aims to share the experiences among the Militaries and to improve the capacity of F-FDTL in the area of engineering, electricity, and other activities.

According to Major Colonel Calisto Santos Coli “Coliati”, Timor-Leste, Australia and the United States of America along with Japan, have cooperated closely on military operations and regularly hold joint exercises every year.

This year Japan troops will not join the exercise due to COVID-19.
“Harii Hamutuk” for 2020 will focus on engineering areas; thus, the teams have prepared the program to implement this into the training.

“Many activities are in the engineering area such as fixing the facilities in the terrestrial component, repairing of school buildings, set up of solar panels for energy supply to militaries at the borderland Covalima district,” he said.

Mr Coliati appeals to all the members that will be participating in using the opportunity and complying with the rules during the training as they can earn more experiences from the training.

Around 100 personal, including Australia and the United States of America, are taking part in this exercise.

The training began on 29 September and will finish on October 19, 2020.


Journalist : Eugénio Pereira

Editor : Francisco Simões/Nick Kettle


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