DWS to install water reservation tanks to store water supply

DWS to install water reservation tanks to store water supply

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DILI, 6 October 2020 (TATOLI)– Dili, chief of water supply, Francisco Xavier Perriera, informed us today that after confirming the water shortage, the National water service department is now making efforts to install reservation tanks to store clean water to support other reservations since social and economic needs are increasing.

“today our economic and social needs are ever-increasing, which means our basic need for water has also increased; definitely we will increase the reserve capacity and also install more tanks to store water in,” Mr Perreira said.

He said according to the plan; the department has set a political strategy to establish water reservation tanks around areas in Dili.
“our political and strategic plan is to make create new water reservation tanks which are good quality for long term using,” he said.

The areas of installation are Bairru Pite, Cristal reservation, and Benamauk.

He added that the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) centre located in Bairru pite has 3000m3 capacities, but the plan is now to increase this to 6000m3.

He said for other urban reservation tanks will be enlarged after the team have completed the observations.

“Currently we have an engineering designer, we will decide and implement it once the fund is available,” he said.

Journalist: Osória Marques

Editor: Cancio Ximenes/Nick kettle


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