Indonesia Embassy in Dili appeals to Indonesian to avoid illegal crossing the borders

Indonesia Embassy in Dili  appeals to Indonesian to avoid illegal crossing the borders

Indonesia Embassy in Dili, Celebrates 74th aniversary of its Independence day (Image Tatoli/Dok)

DILI, 6 october 2020 (TATOLI)– Indonesia Embassy in Dili, has issued a letter to all Citizens from Indonesia to avoid the illegal crossing that is rife at the Timor-Leste-Indonesia land border and continues to fulfill health protocols and a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

This statement is released related to the sixth period of state emergency issued by Timor-Leste Republic President, Francisco Guterres Lú OLo on October 3, 2020 over the government request.

The request explained the State of Emergency in all national territories begin on 5, of october 2020, at 00:00 and will end in 3 of november 2020 at 23.59 lasting for 30 days, and will control the following activities:

  1. The International Circulation will be managed through the Airport, Port and Land border. Restricting the movement of people entering the country to avoid the further spread of COVID-19.
  2. The competent authority will control the circulation and visa of all residents at any point within the national territory. It will maintain the restrictions within the community to reduce the spread.
  3. The control of all populations respecting rules to stay at home which will be monitored by public authority during the state of emergency.

It is also stated that under the covid-19 restriction, citizens who enter and exit illegally at the border will pay fines of $30-250 as imposes by the Government.

“Thus, citizens who wish to leave the national territory are required to go by the border station according to the time and day that has been determined effectively while for The foreign nationals who wish to enter Timor-Leste via land borders, they are required to register at the Timor-Leste embassy abroad to receive the entry authorization,” said in the press released.

at the same time, Timorese government has also tolerated foreign citizens who fail to leave the country after their visas expire due to reasons stemming from COVID-19 could be granted extensions of their short-term stay.

The message from President Lu Olo stated that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused a second wave throughout the world, thus Timor-Leste must be ready.

The request presented to the Parliament, to ensure the government has the necessary legal tactics to do rapid intervention of stopping the virus in Timor-Leste.




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