PN approves final state budgets 2020

PN approves final state budgets 2020

Parliament votes for the final state budget of 2020 (Image Tatoli/ Egas Cristovao)

DILI, 08 October 2020 (TATOLI) — Parliament has the final approval for the state general budget of 2020 with the total amount of $1.497 billion with the vote in favour 43, against 21 and one abstentions.

“I aks to the Parliament Commission C (Public Finance) to settle final redaction to deliver to the President this afternoon,” PPN Longuinhos Guterres Lopes said during the plenary.

The expenses for the fiscal year of 2020 is $1.497,1, which has split into salary, good and services, public transference, minor capital and development capital.

The government has spent some amount from the total of $1.497.1 billion since January to September 2020, which means the amount left will be used for October, November and December 2020.

Total expenses for the state general budget is $1.497.1 it is not included the fund provided from partnerships, or donors amount $184.0, more than 1.0% compared to the 2019 budget.

Timor-Leste is under the duodecimal regime (DOT) during 2020, since the state budget is not approved according to the regular data.

It is only limited to 1/12 from the original budget of last year that can divide for every month. This is means that, some essential functions of the government can continue, but other than annual activities will not be implemented, including some important of infrastructure projects.

Despite in the OJE proposals, the allocated budget for the minor capital and development capital will be added in the last month from the 2020 state budget and has included $220.2 million allocated to COVID-19 fund to respond to the health service and economic recovery.

The total of $1.497,1 billion is taken from the petroleum fund, which is $963,9 million. And the sustainable estimate income is $544,4 million, and superior transference is $419,5 million.

So far the revenue from non-petroleum is $770.6 compose of the income from tributary which is $165,0, million, proper gain $6,8, million, a $10,7 million for donation, $0.5 for charge fee, management cash $527,6 million and $60,0 for the loan.

The government ‘retired’ the OJE bill with a total of $1.995 from parliament on December 3 after members questioned the size of the spending.

The Taur Matan Ruak government put a revised, US $1.67 billion 2020 general state budget (OJE) proposal to parliament on December 2019, in a bid to appease MPs who criticised the previous bill.

Finally, the government has set a time table for reintroduced the 2020 budget after two failed attempts, and the final introduction was forgotten.

Journalist: Evaristo Soares Martins

Editor: Cancio Ximenes/Nick Kettle


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