ISDB holds first graduation ceremony in a year

ISDB holds first graduation ceremony in a year

LIQUIçA,17 december 2020 (TATOLI)— The St João de Brito Institution (ISDB) Casait, Liquiça, recognized its fall 2020 graduates at the outdoor, in-person commencement ceremonies Thursday.

The Institution has given the graduation to 20-degree candidates from Education department and the schools holding short, individual ceremonies running half day in St. Inácio de Loiola Casait.

The Rector of the ISJB Pe. Fidelizio Hornai Pereira, said the institution has organized the second graduation ceremony.

“Our Institution has organized the second graduation ceremony for this year, this group is the second group for our institution. We acknowledge their graduation is in line with the graduation season and our institution has produced intelligent students with the ability,” he said after the graduation ceremony.

Mr Pereira said, his Institution has provided the study about the education with Three department which is English Department, Portuguese Department and Religious Education Department.

ISJB, Casait was stablished in 2016 with the first graduation group composed from 14 students from the same faculty.

The Former President and the Noble Peace Price Winner, José Ramos Horta, joined the graduation ceremony to congratulate the priest from the ISJB for their contribution in the education sector to produce more intelligent students for the development of the country.

“On Behalf of the people of this country, we offered thanked to the Congregation of the Priest for Established this institution with their own efforts, with the order of Jesuit from the Church in Australia and Europe, my deepest gratitude and appreciation,” Horta said.

School facilities:

The School has 11 class rooms with the computers and free access to wifi and the school library.

Every classroom accommodates 30 students. ISJB currently has 230 students and 30 teachers.

Journalist: Hortencio Sanchez/Tomé Amado

Editor :Agapito dos Santos


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