Timor-Leste Covid-19 latest: Over 13 new cases, no death reported

Timor-Leste Covid-19 latest: Over 13 new cases, no death reported

DILI, 28 december 2020 (TATOLI)– Four new COVID-19 cases were reported in Timor-Leste as of noon on Monday (Dec 28), bring the total cases to 13 said the Coordinator of the Covid-19 from the Ministry of Health, Odete Viegas.

The Coordinator-General of the Covid-19 Outbreak Health Executive Commission, Odete Viegas, said Four of the new cases were imported and were detected in the quarantine of Hotel Y.Q, in Raikotu, Dili and have been transferred to Vera Cruz Isolation Center.

“A 26-year-old man had a temperature above 38.6 ° C, body aches and tiredness. Two others aged 35 and 42 are without symptoms. The three patients were traveled on the same day, 20 december with Qatar Airlines from the UK and Doha. They made a two-hour stopover, before traveling from Doha to Malaysia, at the same time and same flight on december 21,” Odete Viegas, said during the press conference at the Ministry of Health office, Caicoli Dili.

“They arrived in Timor-Leste by December 22, with AirAsia.  The patient were all Timorese include one Pakistani citizen, aged 33, traveled with Qatar Airlines flight from Doha to Malaysia, and travelled with AirAsia flight to Timor-Leste”, She said.

It is recalled that the Ministry of Health has announced, on december 24, seven more covid-19 infections.

The Minister of Health, Odete Maria Freitas Belo, had previously revealed that Of the new cases, there were three transferred to Isolation Center of Oe-Cusse and another 10 are at Vera Cruz Dili, Isolation Center.

She also recalled that thirteen of the new cases were imported and no community cases since covid-19 surge the country. All thirteen cases were placed isolated.

At the same time, she asked all citizens to cooperate with the Ministry of Health to eradicate the virus.

“We ask everyone to cooperate with the Ministry of Health to eliminate covid-19 in our country, avoiding a local transmission”, She said.

Ministry of Health request to the entire population to fulfill the impose measure the from the government as well as follow the preventive measure from the World Health Organization and MS.

Journalist: Felicidade Ximenes

Editor:Agapito dos Santos


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