MPM-ANPM to conduct Third online International conference of “Timor-Leste Oil, Gas and Energy Summit”

MPM-ANPM to conduct Third online International conference of “Timor-Leste Oil, Gas and Energy Summit”

 DILI, 22 march 2021 (TATOLI) – Timorese Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral (MPM) and The National Authority of Petroleum and Minerals (AMPN) show the commitment to continue with the online promotion of the Timor-Leste resources sector.

Following the the schedule, the IN-VR oil and gas energy company will organize third global online conference of “Timor-Leste Oil, Gas and Energy Summit” that took place on thursday, march 25  in Hotel Turismo at 16:00 pm to 03:00 am TL hour.

“This online conference registered until today the International petroleum and gas companies including people of more than 400, and the number will be increased as the registration is ongoing until the closing dates, We have been registered many countries,”. The Director for Exploration and Promotion ANPM, Mateus da Costa statement to Tatoli on monday via phone.

The conference is set to introduce and promote the 18 new oil and gas exploration blocks released for public tender, including the promotion for the Timor-Leste resources in sector of petroleum, gas and mineral.

“We continue to promote the 18 new sites released for public tende since it will be concluded in October this year, yet the promotion for the petroleum, gas and mineral industry within the country will organized for long term because many countries don’t know about us yet, with that we have to keep doing the promotion for others to find out about us,” Costa said.

He added that, Timor-Leste must work hard to introduce the country’s potential resource to other countries via the conference.

The promotion has been done by the ANPM to several countries to drum up interest in the public tenders, they have met with investors in London, Singapore, England, Abu Daby, United State of America, Australia and others. there has been a good response so far. more than 10 international companies are interested in exploring for minerals at 18 new sites released for public tender.

“We will introduce to the investors that seismic tests has identified rock containing potentially large volumes of oil and gas across the 18 sites, we will also introduce the fiscal regime and legislative regime regarding the Oil and gas and the process of the public tender for 18 new sites because the investors are coming from different countries and different continents,” he said.

The speakers will be involved the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral (MPM) Victor Da Conceição Soares, The National Authority of Petroleum and Mineral (ANMP), Florentino Soares Ferreira, CEO Timor Gap, E.P, António José Loiola de Sousa, Executive Director for exploration and promotion, Mateus Da Costa, PSC and legalist director, Rozentino Amado Hei, and ANPM trade director, Agus Maradona Tilman.

The others speakers will be involved of ANPM important consultant, Paul Robinson, Vice-President of SundaGas, Colin Murray, Senior Geo-scientific and Business Development Management, Jarrad Grahame, Academic and industry expert,  Robert Fainstein , CEO& Founder GeoMar, Giota Giogli, Zebra Data Science for Business Development Management company, Martin Bawden.

Journalist: Florencio Miranda Ximenes

Editor: Julia Chatarina


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