Timor-Leste’s flooding kills eight people shortly after the monsoonal rains on midnight Sunday

Timor-Leste’s flooding kills eight people shortly after the monsoonal rains  on midnight Sunday

DILI, 04 april 2021 (TATOLI)– Flash floods and landslides from monsoonal rains have killed at least 8 people and displaced hundred in Timor-Leste, while several people were still missing, the country’s disaster agency, SEPS said on Monday.

Of the victims have killed, including two brothers died in Beudku Comoro village, one member of the police died in Bairru Pitte while Famales composed of one child died in Bidau.

These victims are killed by the landslides and the floods shortly after the midnight Sunday, meanwhile the authority has not recorded how many victims are injuring from this natural disaster, SEPS-Secretary, Joaquim Gusmão told TATOLI at the firefighter Department Kampung Baru Comoro.

However, with this case, SEPS conducted an emergency meeting with development partners such as Plan International, Timor-Leste Red Cross, Care International and the others to make effective evacuation to community suffer from inundation.

He added that, SEPS had evacuated most families from the affected areas to temporary accommodation such as Don Bosco Comoro, the Disaster Risk Management office locate in Bemori and the office of SEPS.

The disasters happened in many parts of Dili and it has affected community in the area of Comoro, Tasi Tolu, Becusse, Bidau and other places as well.

According to Joaquim, the SEPS team have been coordinating with the Disaster Risk Management team to coordinate with the local authority to identify the affected families to be evacuated to the safe places.

“Our focus in on the elderly victims, children and the pregnant women to make an emergency evacuated to the safety places,” he said.

In addition, he said, this torrential rain does not happen in Dili but in almost all territories in Timor-Leste, as his team has currently taking the data from the Covalima municipality, RAEOA and other municipalities.


Journalist: Nelson Sousa
Editor: Xisto Freitas


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