Timor-Leste reports 90 new local covid-19 cases and 90 recoveries

Timor-Leste reports 90 new local covid-19 cases and 90 recoveries

DILI, april 8, 2021 (TATOLI) – Timor-Leste confirmed 67 new local COVID-19 cases from april 7 and 8, bring the country total cases to  493.

Of the new infections, 67 were found in capital Dili, five in Baucau, 20 in Ermera, one in Covalima and Five in Ainaro, the Coordinator of the CIGC Rui de Araújo said.

Araújo added that with the total cases, Timor-Leste also registered 21 outbreaks.

With regards to the positive in Baucau, authority identified the infected people as soon as they arrived in Baucau from Dili. Thus, it bring the municipality number of active cases increase 34 with 11 outbreaks recorded.

In Ermera authority has confirmed 20 cases, all those infected arriving from Dili, where they were transported again in order to fulfill their isolation. The health team is currently looking for the close contacts.

The new case in Covalima is an infected person who traveled on April 2 from Dili to the Covalima. The first five infections recorded in Ainaro also come from Dili and are currently isolated in the capital. The health team is looking for contacts.

“Since yesterday, the National Laboratory has carried out 1,125 laboratory tests, 530 were following the requests for authorization to leave the Municipality of Dili,” said Rui de Araújo, in a press release.

Of the new cases reported today, 57 are men and 41 women, all asymptomatic.

Regarding active cases in the remaining municipalities, Covalima has 21 cases, Viqueque 11, Liquiçá three, Lautém and Oé-Cusse remaining one.

The three infected with moderate symptoms, in isolation Lahane Isolation Center were also discharged yesterday.

Journalist: Felicidade Ximenes

Editor: Cipriano Colo


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