Timor-Leste adds 38 new local covid-19 cases

Timor-Leste adds 38 new local covid-19 cases

DILI, 11 april, 2021 (TATOLI) – The Coordinator of COVID-19 Integrated management Center (CIGC), reports 38 new local cases of covid-19 of which 27 from Dili and 11 in municipalities, bring the country’s total number to 536.

The Coordinator of the CIGC, Rui de Araújo said, of the new infection one is a nine-moth pregnant woman, whose case is moderated.

He added that the new cases comprising 15 male and 23 females with all present with the symptoms.

The rest of the new cases are found in other municipalities including:

One (1) case in Baucau municipality, bring the total number in Baucau to 36 with 6 outbreaks recorded.

seven (7) in Ermera, bring the total number in Emera to 34.

One (1) new infection from Bobonaro and the total is two cases

Two (2) new infection from Ainaro bring the total to eight infections.

With the new cases, Timor-Leste since april 7, 2021, Heatlh Authority recorded total of 823 cases of covid-19 with 23 outbreaks in total.

Also, yesterday the Authority reported 33 new recoveries, which increase the country’s total recoveries to 476.


Journalist: Antonia Gusmão

Editor: Cipriano Colo


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