UNTL offers updates on online graduation ceremony

UNTL offers updates on online graduation ceremony

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DILI, april 21, 2021 (TATOLI- While many restrictions have been lifted, The University of Timor-Lorosae (UNTL) has decided to hold the graduation online to 633 finalists in pursuit of keeping the UNTL students, their families, and the faculty safe.

The Vice-Rector for the Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance of the UNTL, Samuel Freitas said, UNTL is currently holding a meetings for the online graduation ceremony for the finalists’ students who wish to participate in the online graduation.

“After having the result, we will complete the data for the graduation,” The Vice-Rector Mr. Freitas speaks to Tatoli at his office. 

According to Mr. Freitas, the graduation was supposed to hold in January 2021 but the plan was canceled due to the State of Emergency and other technical reasons. 

“We intended to hold the commencement exercise in March or April, but we are under a state of emergency that will be ended on May 2 and we do not know whether we will continue, so it has not been possible to complete the graduation so far,” he said.

Mr Freitas also mentioned that 36 graduates presented a proposal to UNTL to participate in the online graduation. 

“Concerning this, we published the information yesterday and asked every faculty to identify its graduate students who wish to participate in the virtual graduation. Students can now inform their faculty about their decision,” he said.

He also added that, if the students are interested in the online graduation, the University will schedule the graduation to may. 

However, Mr. Freitas said, that the University also have to prepare everything in term of technique for the celebration of online graduation.

So far, the UNTL has registered 633 finalists from different departments, among all, 46 from the Agriculture Department, 33 from the Economic and Management Department, 94 from the Social and Science Department, 12 from the Department of Philosophy and Human Science, 295 from Education, Art and Humanities Department, 59 from Engineering, Science and Technology Department and 94 from the Medicine and Health Science Department. 


Journalist: Nelia Fernandes

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora


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