Timor-Leste assigns Zacarias Albano to be the National Executive Secretary for CPLP

Timor-Leste assigns Zacarias Albano to be the National Executive Secretary for CPLP


DILI, 30 april 2021 (TATOLI) – The former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Zacarias Albano da Costa, meets the President of Republic, Francisco Guterres Lú Olo, to thank the Government for assigned him to become a National candidate for the Secretary Executive of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) between 2021 and 2023

“I met with the President of Republic, Francisco Guterres Lú Olo, to acknowledge the trust I receive to become a national candidate for Executive Secretary at CPLP in the period of 2021-2023, and which may be subject to renewal for another three years, “Zacarias Albano da Costa said.

Mr da Costa also recalled that Timor-Leste became the eighth member of the CPLP and, since then, has always strived to strengthen cooperation between the member states that make up the CPLP.

“If i will be assumed the position of the Executive Secretary of CPLP, it would be an honor and privilege to be able to serve Timor-Leste,” he said.

Zacarias da Costa also stated that, at this meeting, the various problems that the CPLP is currently facing were addressed, having ensured that, if elected, everything will be done so that these obstacles will be overcome.

Zacarias also considers ‘Lú Olo’ a person who has always shown commitment to issues related to CPLP.

“The President of the Republic led, in 2014, the preparation of the Timorese Presidency of the CPLP”, he recalled.

The former governor added that the presidential summit of the CPLP should, this year, be held in Angola.

“Regarding the presidential summit, the official invitation has not yet reached our hands. However, the most important thing is that we have already been informed about the date of the event,” he said.

According to Mr da Costa, a team from Timor-Leste will be sent to participate in the preparatory meetings framed at the presidential summit, which will start on July 12 this year. The team will also confirm the issue related to the inauguration of the future CPLP Executive Secretary.

Zacarias also recalled that, this year, the CPLP celebrates its 25th anniversary, stressing that the event is a historic moment for Timor-Leste.

“I recall that the representatives of Timor-Leste – Ramos Horta, Mari Alkatiri, João Carrascalão and José Luís Guterres – participated 25 years ago in the constitutive summit of the CPLP, although, at the time, our country had not yet gained its independence”, he said.

Journalist: Osória Marques

Editor: Cancio Ximenes


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