KAFI reports $.300 Million for the rehabilitation of public infrastructures

KAFI  reports  $.300 Million for the rehabilitation of public infrastructures

DILI, 03 april 2021 (TATOLI) – A team established by the Government composed of the Ministry of Public Work (MPW) and the Ministry of Planning and Governance (MPG) has identified several public infrastructures destroyed by the recent natural disaster.

President for the Administrative Council of the Infrastructure (KAFI), José Maria dos Reis, said that at this extraordinary meeting, KAFI brought a team to report a preliminary report on damage to public infrastructure.

“We talked about the progress of the teamwork established by the Prime Minister and led by the General Director of the MPW, reporting on the progress of the work that had been carried out. They submitted a preliminary report but the team has been carrying out the work in the field and also confirmed the data of around $ 300 million for recovery of public infrastructure ” Mr. Reis said. 

Even so, the actual data is not the final data, because the team temporarily remains in the field to confirm the data for all damages.

“We have seen how we can quickly solve the problem of housing for the population, but because the Ministry of State Administration was not present at the meeting, we will hold a meeting back for all the ministries to attend and discuss this problem and be able to find solutions to the problem concerning the population’s houses which has been damaged due to natural disasters, “He said. 

Previously, a team from the line of ministries had identified the damage to infrastructure caused by natural disasters in all territories in the local area consisting of 101 with a total calculated budget of $ 245


Journalist: Antónia Gusmão

Editor: Julia Chatarina



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