TL records 188 new COVID-19 cases, 153 recoveries

TL records 188 new COVID-19 cases, 153 recoveries

The Covid-19 team collecting the swabs of 93 people who have the contact with the seven positives patients in Klauhalek, Belulik Village, administrative post of Fatumean, Covalima Municipality (Image Tatoli/Eugenio Perreira)

DILI, 22 may 2021 (TATOLI)– The COVID-19 Crisis Integrated Management Center (CIGC), recorded 188 new COVID-19 infections and almost 153 recoveries on Saturday.

According to the CIGC COVID-19 released statement, the country’s active case count now stands at 2.510. The figure is slightly higher than the 2.469 cases reported on Friday because more cases are detected.

The total recovery count is now at 2,960. In total, the country now has 5,481confirmed COVID-19 cases.

According to the Coordinator of the CIGC, Rui de Araújo, the proportion of those infected with symptoms is 2.3%. Among the cases detected today, 102 are men and 86 women.

He added that Of a positive number, 36 patients are under the treatment at Vera Cruz Isolation Center, 13 patients have mild symptoms while 19 in a moderate condition, At least four of the patients currently are in critical conditions.

Of the 1.021 tests conducted since May 21-22, the CIGC said 14 tests were performed in the context of sentinel surveillance, 48 for the contact screening, 257 for random screening, 675 were performed following the request for national and international traveling authorization, 27 were performed in quarantine, while 548 tests were performed in Municipalities.

Regarding the evolution of the outbreak in the country, the incidence rate of covid-19 is, on average, in the last week, 12.9 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, while in Dili, 41.0 per 100 thousand, this incidence rate indicates that Dili continues to become high risk for further transmission of the COVID-19.




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