MoF-UNDP launch an emergency employment initiative to respond to the recovery from floods and stimulate the local economy

MoF-UNDP launch an emergency employment initiative to respond to the recovery from floods and stimulate the local economy

Inundation in Dili on Friday. I(mage/Cancio Ximenes)

DILI, may 24, 2021 (TATOLI) – The Ministry of Finance (MF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched an emergency employment initiative named “Together to Serve the Community”.

The initiative is a response to the recovery from floods that gives 5,000 people an immediate opportunity to work in 50 identified villages to stimulate the local economy.

“This initiative aims to work together with the local community for cleaning work (including roads), sanitation, and drainage to prevent dengue and carry out urgent repairs to the basic infrastructure needed in the villages across Dili municipality,” said a statement addressed to TATOLI.

The pilot project will be implemented in seven villages and will take place in Aldeia 03 Anin-Fuik, in Aitarak Laran, Kampung Alor, Administrative Post of Dom Aleixo.

The Director-General of Management and Mobilization of External Resources, António Freitas, said that the activity will provide the opportunity for 5,000 people to support their families.

“The action constitutes a recovery to help the community affected by the floods,” he said.

António Freitas, representing the MF, thanked the Asian Development Bank (ADB), UNDP, Japanese and South Korean Governments for their generous support and solidarity with the Timorese people in crisis and for maintaining collaboration in the development and recovery of the community activity.

The Timorese Government was represented by the Director-General of the Management and Mobilization of the External Resources of the MF, António Freitas, for the signing of the initiative and the UNDP was represented by Tuya Altangerel.

It is recalled that the Minister of Finance, Rui Gomes, and the AfDB Resident Coordinator, Sunil Mitra, signed in April this year a grant agreement of one million US dollars to help the program “Support to the Response and Recovery from Flood”, the objective is to contribute to the repair of the damage caused by the tropical cyclone Seroja in the capital of Timor-Leste and the municipalities.

The flash floods had destroyed hundreds of community housing and essential basic infrastructure in eight municipalities across the country. According to the report of the United Nations (UN), until May 19, there are 33,835 households affected by the floods and 44 fatalities.

More than 1,700 families were forced to evacuate the center in Dili. Until today The State Secretariat for Civil Protection (SEPC) has already provided emergency supports including foods and necessities to 12,197 households in 13 municipalities.



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