Government executes 27% of the 2021 OJE

Government executes 27% of the 2021 OJE

Minister of Finance (MF), Rui Agusto Gomes (Image Tatoli/António Gonçalves)

DILI, 05 july 2021 (TATOLI) – The Government of Timor-Leste had executed 27 percent of the 2021 General State Budget (OJE), totaling US$2.030.3 billion. The 27 percent represents US$540.7 million of the total 2021 approved budget.

Of the US$ 456.7 million budget allocated on good governance and institutional reform, US$164.2 had been executed, which accounted for 36 percent. While the allocated budget on the priority programs, totaling US$ 1.5 billion, only 24 percent had been executed, representing US$ 376.4 million.

The Minister of Finance, Rui Augusto Gomes said that OJE is one of the Government’s key instruments to recover the economic recessions Timor-Leste had been experiencing for four years now: “There hasn’t been any significant economic recuperation as we expected. This is due to the Covid-19 and the recent calamity. We hope that in 2022, there will be no unexpected surprise of natural disasters so that we can recover our economy and develop our productive sectors — agriculture, tourism, housing, human capital, education, health, social protection, and institutional reform.”

So far, the government has executed 42 percent of the allocated budget on the category of salary and wages, while public transfer 41 percent, goods and services 20 percent, minor capital 4 percent, and human capital development is 6%.

Gomes said the execution of the budget is expected to rise in the last six months of the year, as many infrastructure projects would be implemented during the time period.

“Up to 107 infrastructure projects will be implemented within this year with a total budget of US$565,4,” said Gomes.

In addition, the government also had executed US$73.4 million (26 %) percent of the Covid-19 prevention budget, totaling US$ 287.6.

Moreover, of all the ministries, the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals had spent up to 47 percent of its 2021 allocated budget, while the Ministry for the Affairs of National Liberation Combatants spent 46 percent, Ministry of Public Works had executed 44 percent, the Ministry of Interior is 37 percent, and the Ministry of Public Administration executed 36 percent. In addition, as of 30 june, 2021, the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, and Industry had executed 17 percent of its 2021 budget, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries executed 16 percent of its US$ 29.4 allocated budget and the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion had only executed 9 percent of its 2021 budget, totaling US$19.9.

Gomes added the execution of the budget is divided into two parts – first focusing on good governance and institutional reform with a total budget of US$456.7 million and the second part was concentrating on priority programs with a total budget of US$1.537.6 billion.

The total approved General State Budget of 2021 is US$2.030.3 billion.

Journalist : Filomeno Martins

Editor.       : Rafy Belo 


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