OPMT distributes award certificates to the researchers of “Buibere Hamriik Ukun Rasik An”

OPMT distributes award certificates to the researchers of “Buibere Hamriik Ukun Rasik An”

DILI, 10 july 2021 (TATOLI)-Popular Women’s Organization of Timor-Leste (OPMT) trough the Research Commission on the Elaboration of the History of the Struggle of Timorese Women (CPEHMTL) distributes award certificates to the researchers of the “Buibere Hamriik Ukun Rasik An”.

Deputy Director of OPMT, Florentina Smith said, today, the OPMT through the CPEHMTL  distribute award certificates to all work teams who have contributed to this book.

“The book entitled “Buibere Hamrik Ukun Rasik An” was launched, therefore OPMT gave a certificate to the work team as an appreciation award for writing the book from beginning to end,” said Smith in Balide Center of National Chega (CNC) to Journalist of TATOLI News Agency on saturday.

Smith explained that this book has written about the struggle of women in the war against Indonesian occupation since 1975 – 1999 and can be published today because of a team of researchers and writers several years ago.

The book, entitled Buibere Hamrik Ukun Rasik An, is written about several incidents and tragedies carried out by the Indonesian occupation, including the Marabia incident and other incidents involving East Timorese women.

In the same place Member of Parliament, Josefa Pereira, said that this book is very important and will become a history book to be kept in museums and in various Timor-Leste libraries so that the younger generation can know the history of the struggle for independence in Timor-Leste.

“In the past, we fought against the Indonesian occupation in 1975-1999 including many women who died in the war, therefore this book reflects the women who have died fighting for the land of Timor-Leste’s independence,” said Pereira.

He explained that our struggle was over because of that OPMT expects all elements of this nation and the younger generation to make new breakthroughs in building Timor-Leste towards a brighter future.

The youth of Timor-Leste must have a good mentality and must organize themselves to be involved in contributing to this nation because we see many young people who are the successors of the nation who have the ability.

We hope that the book entitled “Buibere Hamrik Ukun Rasik An” will be an inspiration for young people to work together to build a sustainable Timor-Leste.

On this occasion OPMT and CPEHMTL appreciated the work teams by providing certificates and books that had been printed by them.

The award certificates and this book are distributed directly by CPEHMTL as follows; 15 researchers, 54 contributors, 13 writers, nine vocal points and two technical team, a total of 93 people who have received certificates of appreciation and a book entitled “Buibere Hamrik Ukun Rasik”.

Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Rafy Belo


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